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THERE ARE NUMEROUS myths and legends associated with gems. Some tell of cursed stones; others of stones with special powers of healing, or that protect or give good luck to the wearer. Some of the largest known diamonds have legends associated with them that have been told and re-told over centuries, and many now lost are surrounded by tales of intrigue and murder. Some mines are thought to be cursed - probably a rumour spread by the mine-owners to keep unwanted prospectors away. In Burma, for instance, where all gemstones belonged to the monarch, the belief that anyone who took a stone from a mine would be cursed may have been deliberately cultivated to curb losses of a valuable national asset.

Healing Powers

Historians hold that the solitary purpose for which the primitive men collected gemstones was adornment of their bodies, the Astrologers on the other hand are of the view, men have known the secret of the vibration qualities of the gemstones for millennium. the ppeople of Arab and Asian countries, have always revered the gemstones for their great healing qualities and energy stimulating capacities. From a scientific perspective,  their bio-chemical properties infest them with different vibration qualities. Different stones carry different energy-waves and it is believed, wearing these stones and crystals help to transmit that particular energy on the wearer's personality. Improving one's integrity, these stones help to connect one's self to the power of the universe.

Peruvian God
This 12th-century ceremonial knife from Peru is made from gold adorned with turquoise. The handle has been formed into the image of a divinity

Rock crystals are chosen for in crystal healing. Gems worn close to skin are believed to heal.

Rock crystal ball supported by dragons

Since Greek and Roman times, balls of polished rock crystal have been used to see into the future. The difficulty of finding a flawless piece large enough to be polished adds to the mystique. The mystic gazes at the ball, lets the eyes go out of focus, and then interprets the misty image

Natural Gemstones

Death Mask
This Aztec funeral mask adorned with turquoise may have speeded entry to the next world.





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